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Dong Ho paintings village

Dong Ho Folk Painting Village – The Colors Of Traditional Art

Dong Ho village, also known as Ho village ( formerly known as the village), is the cradle of wood carving and poonah paper paintings. Dong Ho paintings have about 300 years of history in the north of Vietnam with no more than 200 households. Their main income comes from painting. They are famous both inside […]

Gripping Mud Ball Wrestling Festival of Bac Giang

An Exciting Muddy Match: Gripping Mud Ball Wrestling Festival of Bac Giang

A mud ball wrestling festival (Vật Cầu Nước in Vietnamese) was recently held from the 12th to the14th of the fourth lunar month in Van Village, nestled in in Van Ha commune, Viet Yen District of Bac Giang Province. Gripping Mud Ball Wrestling Festival of Bac Giang promises Spectators An Exciting Muddy Match !  This […]

bu gia map national park

Trekking Bu Gia Map National Park – Youth And Nature Journey

Bu Gia Map National Park is a national park located in Binh Phuoc province, Vietnam. (South-eastern region). Don’t waste your youth anymore, why don’t pick up your backpack and go! According to survey results, the total area of 26,032 ha, in which the natural area is 21,476 ha, including 388 hectares of rich forest, 2,798 […]

Five-color Sticky Rice – The Symbol of The Harmony from Northwest Nature

Five-color Sticky Rice has been known as the culinary specialties of of almost all ethnic minorities in the mountainous regions of Northern Vietnam for a long time. The name of the dish comes from its eye-catching appearance with five vibrant colors. Five-colors sticky rice is a typical dish of the Tay in Tuyen Quang often […]

betel pann vietnam

An Age-old Vietnamese Custom – Betel and Areca Culture of Southern Regions

Have you ever known betel and areca are used to start talking and help people become closer and more open with each other in Vietnamese custom ? In the past, age-old people in Vietnam also liked to chew betel leaves and areca nuts but now this habit is not much popular. Nowadays, betel leaves and […]

vietnamese broken rice -

An ideal breakfast : Vietnamese Broken Rice

Com Tam ( Broken Rice ) – is a Vietnamese Recipe made from rice with broken grains of rice left over from the traditional drying and milling process. It looks very similar to normal rice, only the grains are broken into smaller pieces. That is the origin of the name of dish. If “Phở” is […]

tan chau silk

“Lãnh Mỹ A” silk – the “Queen” of silk

Tan Chau weaving village in An Giang province is also known as the home of mysterious fine black silk with high quality silk, which is made from natural materials with high techniques. “Lãnh Mỹ A” silk , (also called Tan Chau silk) – With the centuries-old history of the reputation of Tan Chau silk on […]

Cai Mon Durian , Ben Tre Province - "King" of Tropical Fruit

Cai Mon Durian of Ben Tre Province – “King” of Tropical Fruit

If there are “100 things you should taste before you die”, the durian fruit is certainly in the top-ten list. Known as the the smelliest fruit in the world. Tourist will be impressed by the shocking smell of this tropical fruit. The most popular and delicious durian in Viet Nam is the “Cai Mon” durian […]

Dak Lak Province – The Capital of Vietnamese Coffee

Vietnam is the world’s second-largest coffee producer, but also one of the most obscure. Buon Ma Thuot city in Dak Lak province is known as the capital of Vietnamese coffee. This central highlands city is famous for its excellent coffee and numerous cafes. Unlike coffee exports from countries such as Brazil and Ethiopia, Vietnamese beans […]


Life Pieces Create the Simple Beauty from The North to The South ( Part 2 )

Vietnam are also popular with many traditional handicraft villages. Traditional and handicraft villages through the length of Vietnam from North to South have become such a typical symbol of Vietnamese daily life as well as Vietnamese traditions that have been going for thousands of years. Leaving behind the modern and fast-paced city life in big […]

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