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Chua chan mountain -

Nothing else but nature – Hiking Chua Chan Mountain

Located in Xuan Loc Commune of Dong Nai Province, Chua Chan Mountain is about 130 kilometer away from HCMC with 837 metres high. It is also the second-highest peak in the southeastern region of Vietnam after Black Virgin Mountain in Tay Ninh. Most young people prefer trekking and camping on this mountain. Transport: – By coach: Buying […]

eel-grass in Mekong river delta -

Becoming a farmer harvesting Eel-grass

Have you ever seen eel-grass fields? This vegetable grows underwater in high water season. How exciting to spend a day trip in the eel-grass fields and explore how to harvest them with the local people’s guides. It’s a special food that hardly has anywhere been given, even it is called”the gift of Nature” by other […]

Vinh Hy Bay in Vinh Hy Village -

Exploring An Amazing Hidden Pearl of Vietnam – Vinh Hy Bay

Vinh Hy Bay in Vinh Hy Village, Bac Son Commune of Ninh Thuan Province belong to Central coastal region – About 42 kilometers away from Phan Rang City in the Northeast direction . The Nature Mother has given this place a fantastic scenery with emerald water, fresh air and white endless sand circling steep rocky-mountains. How to […]

mang den kon tum

Mang Den – A secret land in the Central Highlands of Vietnam

Mang Den has a wild, pure beauty with many beautiful, neglected landscapes and a rich cultural background of ethnic groups like a beauty sleeping in the forest and waiting for a prince coming to wake up. This is an unexploited destination in traveling industry, so it’s really cool for anyone that wanna explore a new […]

White Sand Dunes : A Small Sahara Desert in Binh Thuan

 Known as the most captivating sand dunes, you should take note this destination in your must-go lists when coming to Mui Ne, Vietnam. Bau Trang is the fresh water lake in Hong Lam, Hoa Thang commune, Bac Binh district. Bau Trang (White Sand Dunes) : A Small Sahara Desert in Binh Thuan, Vietnam “Bau” means […]

Wild Grape Garden in Tay Ninh

An Unique Wild Grape Garden in Tay Ninh Province

The first Wild Grape Garden in Tay Ninh that has just opened in a year ago attracted many visitors. Everyday, he welcomes from 500 – 1000 visitors, even foreign visitors.  People can come, visit to take photographs all day (it is also an interesting activity to add to your must-do list in Vietnam). An Unique Wild Grape Garden in […]

ha giang

Ha Giang – The Heaven of Buckwheat Flowers in the “Rocky Plateau”

Ha Giang is the most romantic province for couples. Do you know Vietnamese backpackers said that “Any couples will fall in love with each other if they together set foot in the northernmost land of Vietnam”? There is not only majestic landscape, Ha Giang is also a home of many beautiful Buckwheat flower fields – […]

Cool Down in 4 Mountain Waterfalls of “Emerald Island” in Vietnam

Cool Down in 4 Popular Mountain Waterfalls of “Emerald Island” in Vietnam Phu Quoc is not known with many beach destination but do you know it is also to home to numerous streams and waterfalls. Waterfalls and streams are always a tourist attraction in Vietnam. Phu Quoc is not exempt from that rule, of course. Let us take you to discover three […]


“Banh Khot” – Vietnamese Mini Savory Pancakes in Saigon

BANH KHOT ( VIETNAMESE MINI SAVORY PANCAKES IN SAIGON) Get your stomach to taste this Vietnamese flavor! Mentioning “Banh Khot”, it is easy to think it is made from thick yeallow batter, filled up with green peas, grease medium-fat coconut milk of Western. But not, “Banh Khot” in Vung Tau is different, it is made from the thin white batter […]

crossing the street vietnam

TIPS to survive crossing the crazy street in Vietnam

TIPS to survive crossing the crazy street in Vietnam!!! In Vietnam, every street crossing is an adventure. One of the first instances of culture shock foreigner will get in Vietnam is when you step out of the airport and into Vietnamese street. They will be shocked by the continuos motorbike flow. It is no accident […]

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