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dragon fruit garden in vietnam

Exploring the “Kingdom” of Dragon Fruit in Binh Thuan, Vietnam

Binh Thuan is popular in generously serving guests with its unique, natural yields; tropical warm sunlight, long beaches lined with fine sand, lots of sea breezes and clear blue water. Binh Thuan also is given countless secluded streams, waterfalls and rapids are found in the primal forests in the West. Moreover, coming to Binh Thuan, visitors […]

sa dec rice noodles


Sa Dec-style rice noodles has its own unique flavor which helps it stand out from others such as hu tieu My Tho and hu tieu Nam Vang. Mainly because of its own make noodles. Overview: Sa Dec at a glance! Sa Dec is a provincial city in Dong Thap Province. In fact, it is not […]

phu quoc fish sauce in USA

Red Boat – The Story of a Successful Vietnamese Fish Sauce Brand In The USA

Ages ago, fish sauce had become a national spirit condiment which was indispensable in every Vietnamese meals. Many surveys show that more than 95% of Vietnamese households use fish sauce in their daily meals. This traditional condiment made millions of Vietnamese expatriates can barely forget its delicious taste. And that is where the story of […]

lotus field vietnam

Lotus Fields – The Pure Beauty Of Dong Thap Province

Lotus was voted as “the country’s national flower”. It is an incredible gift that the Nature Mother offer to this land. People simply love them at first sight. Lotus flowers are very diversified with many colors, usually as pink, red, white, blue and purple, each color has different meaning but they all have pleasant smell […]

Phong Nha - ke bang

Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park- A Fairyland for Caving Addicts

If you are a nature lover or adventure seekers, Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park is one of the must-see destination in Quang Binh province, Vietnam. Phong Nha – Ke Bang is known as “elysium on earth” or “royal palace in the ground” or “royal palace in the ground.” Phong Nha – Ke Bang […]

mini boat in ba dai boatyard in dong thap

Keep The Fires Burning For “Ba Dai Boatyard Village” in Dong Thap Province

If you have an occasion to drop by Dong Thap in any beautiful day, don’t forget to visit “Ba Dai boatyard village” in Lai Vung. Visitors can see the whole process of and production of a traditional craft village has existed for nearly a century. By the end of 2014, Ba Dai boatyard village was […]

pia cake in vietnam

PIA CAKE – The Most Famous Specialty of Soc Trang

PHOTO: QUE HOMEMADE Coming to Soc Trang, you – as a tourist – not only have the chance to take part in bustling unique festivals, but can also enjoy a variety of specialties of three ethnic groups: Kinh, Chinese and Khmer. Today we will introduce you one of the most famous specialty of Soc Trang […]

ho tram ho coc beaches in Vietnam

Ho Tram & Ho Coc Beaches for Your Best Summer Getaway Ever!

If you’re in Saigon and want to have a mini-break of a couple of days, or a traveller looking for a short trip out of the noisy city, a vacation in Ho Tram – Ho Coc beaches is a good idea you should be heading. Blessed with soft white sand and unspoiled waters, both of […]

salt fields in Long Dien, Vietnam

Immense Salt Fields in Long Dien – The Salty Taste From the Sweat of Labors

Salt is an essential element of life. It also has many functions in science, medicine and cuisine. Salt is one of the most widely used and oldest forms of food seasoning. But have you ever wondered where it come from and how it is made ? The Salty Taste From the Sweat of Labors Located […]

gongchieng vietnamese highland kontum

Kon K’tu Village – The Ancient Cultural Village of Ba Na People

Kon K’tu village or Ba Na village is located in the Central Highland, Kontum province, Vietnam. Just away 8 km from the city centre, Kon K’Tu Village is the pride of Ba Na ethnic residents here because it still retains ancient and pristine features. Every day Kon K’Tu village welcomes from 40 to 50 foreign […]

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