Soc Trang

According to stories passed down from many generations, a part of the Soc Trang people are the descendants of refugee boats from Cambodia along the Mekong Delta to escape and find to live in a wilderness area centuries ago. Therefore, Soc Trang is a land gathering many national identity, creating the typical cultural characteristics mixed mainly by three bloodline. Kinh, Khmer, Hoa ethnic groups live together here.

Soc Trang pagoda
Soc Trang pagoda

Soc Trang is a province having the largest Khmer community in the Mekong Delta region, with over 400,000 people, making up approximately 30% of the local population.

The name of “Soc Trang” comes from a Khmer name “Srock Kh’leang” which means “a place to store silver”. This land is covered by vast rice paddies, shrimp lagoons, luxuriant fruit gardens like longan, rambutan, durian, and orange. In Soc Trang, you can find numerous pagodas and also culinary specialties.The province has 89 pagodas of Khmer group, 47 pagodas of Hoa people.

Chol Chnam Thmay festival, Soc Trang province
Chol Chnam Thmay festival, Soc Trang province

Soc Trang province is also known as the land of festivals.When visiting to this place at any time of the year, tourists are also welcome by many festivities. Once joining in the festivals in Soc Trang province, tourists have the feeling that they are traveling to neighboring countries, where we can enjoy the attractive dances that bring the soul of the country.

How to get there:

About 231 km from Ho Chi Minh city and about 62 km from Can Tho. So, the most popular means is the coach. You can buy a ticket at Mien Tay bus station.

The best time to travel Soc Trang:

– January (lunar calendar): Lunar New Year.
– In the 21st, March (lunar calendar): Nghinh Ong festival, held in Kinh Ba area, Tran De district on the 21st.
– April (solar calendar): Chol Chiem Thmay Tet, last three days from 13th to 15th
– May (lunar calendar): The Water Festival, held on May 5 at My Phuoc, Nhon My Commune, Ke Sach District, Soc Trang Province.
– October (lunar calendar): Ooc-Om-Boc and Ngo Gom race festivals, held on the 14th and 15th annually.
– In September (lunar calendar) Kathina Festival, often starts on lunar September 15th before the Ooc-Om-Bo festival

Ooc-Om-Bo festival
Ooc-Om-Bo festival

What to do in Soc Trang ?

* Nga Nam floating market in Nga Nam town, Thanh Tri district, Soc Trang province. It is one of the longest and busiest floating markets in the Mekong Delta that attracts visitors. Especially, Nga Nam floating market is the intersection of 5 rivers from 5 provinces : Ca Mau, Vinh Quoi, Long My, Thanh Tri, Phung Hiep.
* Ecotourism sites:
– Tan Long stork garden in Long Binh commune, Nga Nam district, Soc Trang province
– My Phuoc is located in Nhon My commune, about 10km from Ke Chay town
* The unique pagodas in Soc Trang: Sa Lon Pagoda, Dat Set Pagoda, Kh’lieng Pagoda, Chen Kieu Pagoda and Doi Pagoda. These temples often have strange architecture, beautiful scenery.
But perhaps, Doi Pagoda and Chen Kieu Pagoda are the most impression.
* Historical vestiges such as: Soc Trang Provincial Party Committee, Soc Trang Museum.
* Especially, Soc Trang is famous for handicraft villages such as weaving, Pia cake, Vietnamese sausage … Tourists can experience to make products by themselves such as baskets or learn how to make Pia cake from local people. .

You will have an enjoyable experience when making delicious cakes !!!!!

Chen Kieu pagoda, Soc Trang province
Chen Kieu pagoda, Soc Trang province

What to eat in Soc Trang?

– You can spend a few hours wandering the streets of Soc Trang to find a restaurant. The dishes you should not ignore when coming to Soc Trang are: the noodles soup, Gỏi dà noodle, Fish noodle, Tube cake, Pork and pepper noodle, Pía cake, or Cong cake, Vietnamese sausage …
– Soc Trang also have Dai Tam star apple, Nam Roi Ke Sach grapefruit, which makes impression for anyone to taste it. 
You can buy Pía cake or Vietnamese sausage as your souvenirs, both are the specialties of Soc Trang

 Nam Roi Ke Sach grapefruit
Nam Roi Ke Sach grapefruit
Pia Cakes and Vietnamese sausage
Pia Cakes and Vietnamese sausage

Traveling experience:

– Mosquito repellent, insect repellent are indispensable when traveling to river countryside.
-The weather of Soc Trang is always warm, so it is best to bring clothes that are easy to wash, cool and sweat absorbent if you want to be comfortable when moving.
– If you travel in the rainy or floating season, you should bring the raincoat, it will be very useful because it will be rain suddenly in this land.
-Travel clothing should be comfortable to move. but visitors should dress appropriately, elegantly when visiting temples, pagodas in Soc Trang province.
– You should reserve hotel rooms before 2 weeks or 1 month if you want to ensure a place to rest during the peak tourist season in Soc Trang.
You should ask the price before you buy or use the service.
– You should be careful of your belongings. Absolutely don’t have anybody keep your belongings, nor should you agree to hold anything from someone.

Khmer dance
Khmer dance
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