North Central Coast

AREA: 51,455 km²

CLIMATE: Dry and hot weather with Southwest wind in summer (from October to March), and this land witnesses the northeast monsoon that carries steam from the ocean in winter. The region has two distinct seasons: dry and rainy. It is an area that is often affected by many storms from the ocean every year.


GENERAL: North Central Coast  is limited by the majestic  Truong Son Mountain range one side, and the other side is the East Sea. With a long coastline, it is characterized by cool ocean breeze. But the temperature in summer may reach 400C . It is difference in topography that forms distinct climate in this region, and create beautiful landscapes.

This region features three out of UNESCO’s seven World Heritage Sites in Vietnam, namely: Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, and Complex of Hue Monuments and Citadel of the Ho Dynasty. Despite the mountainous terrain in North Central Coast, it  also has great significance for the development of tourism, especially the organization of winter sports tourism, mountain sports tourism, adventure tourism, Ecological  tourism.

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