Ho Chi Minh city

A city of many names, many call it much shorter “Saigon”, the name Saigon reminds locals of the old and charming “pearl of the Far East” that the city once was, or just HCMC in writing ( Ho Chi Minh city). The local people in the city also using Saigon when referring to this city. This name Saigon has been used for a long time ago. This is a favorite name of many people.
Because of being affected by the history of the city during the colonial era, It has many historic French buildings and various museums that makes Saigon city to be one of the most thinking and unforgettable experiences. But it is experiencing huge transformations in almost all aspects everyday. Ho Chi Minh city become the most “modernizing” economy city of Vietnam.It is also an eclectic mix of cultures, cuisines and religions from Northern, Central and Southern Vietnam.

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