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Sa Dec-style rice noodles has its own unique flavor which helps it stand out from others such as hu tieu My Tho and hu tieu Nam Vang. Mainly because of its own make noodles.

Overview: Sa Dec at a glance!

Sa Dec is a provincial city in Dong Thap Province. In fact, it is not famous for the beauty sites or scenic spots,… But on the list of which makes Sa Dec become well-known always nail this topic: ‘cuisine’. Having the typical feature of the Southwest region, plus the delicate gastronomy of the Chinese, and the talent of the local Kinh, Sa Dec dishes are truly classified as ‘specialties’, which reflect the remarkable culture and tradition of this land. Many people came here just to taste its amazingly delicious food. Sa Dec has so many dishes for you to choose such as spring roll, grilled duck, beef hotpot, banh phong tom Sa Giang (deep fried shrimp paste),… And especially rice noodles – the most famous one.
A typical bowl of Sa Dec rice noodles
A typical bowl of Sa Dec rice noodles

Hu Tieu Sa Dec – Sa Dec rice noodles

No one knows exactly the time when Hu tieu appeared in Vietnam, but there is one thing for sure that it had dated since the Chinese settled in the South.
Hu Tieu is a dish of two main ingredients: rice noodles and soup. Of course other ingredients such as pork, liver, egg,.. make the taste stronger and more delicious. In term of ingredients, it’s such a mistake indeed if not mention the raw materials. So here is what makes Sa Dec rice noodles different in comparison with other kinds.

Rice Noodles

The perfect milk-like color of rice noodles on process
The perfect milk-like color of rice noodles on process
Sa Dec noodles were born in one of the most famous rice-growing areas. Sa Dec is not only famous for the floriculture or the rice export but also for the rice flour craft villages. Sa Dec rice flour production was formed and developed 100 years ago. Thanks to the ample supplies of water, which has a pH level of 7 without alum or brackish, available from Tien and Sa Dec rivers all year round, the suitable soil and weather can the rice flour here has its own values which is hard to find in anywhere else because not many localities have these precious advantages.
What a strange region! Only river water there has enough convergence of necessary micronutrients to make this ecstasy delicious rice flour. The so-called “fresh noodles” is because noodles without preservatives are made to eat for a period of 2-3 days.
People are moving a cart full of bamboo screens contained of rice noodles for naturally dry out
People are moving a cart full of bamboo screens contained of rice noodles for naturally dry out
The rice flour making village with more than 360 households engaged in production mainly concentrated in Tan Phu Dong commune. The flour making here contributes significantly to improve the economic life of many families. Sa Dec flour with the famous Deer trademark is the best known in the Mekong Delta. It is very common for travelers come here to see local people carefully dry the flour on many shelves outside.
Hu Tieu Sa Dec - Sa Dec rice noodles
The first batches of rice noodles are waiting to be dried under the sun
After being dried, all the noodles are brought into the specialized cutter to form the finished products like below:
Hu Tieu Sa Dec - Sa Dec rice noodles
The large, slightly brittle rice noodle fibers

The Soup

About the soup, it may be prepared in various ways. But usually it is mainly cooked with pig bones or dried squid, dried shrimp to add flavor and some kind of ‘own secret’ spices with limited use of additives such as sweeteners, MSG… In addition, to have a clear, aromatic and naturally sweet broth, we have to maintain a medium temperature and continuously skim the bubbles out of the boiling pot.
Hu Tieu Sa Dec - Sa Dec rice noodles
This delicious rice noodles is all your!!!
You can order a bowl of lean meat or pork bones at your wish. As the steaming hot bowl of noodles comes out, that’s when the diners take a deep breath to feel the aroma rising up in the air. Many hungry people can even eat up to two bowls.
A bowl of Sa Dec-style noodles with milk white brittle noodles accompanied with not only pork but also some pieces of pork’s liver, heart or stomach, shrimp, ground meat. It’s up to each of our taste to add fish sauce, soy sauce or vinegar, pickled chili peppers or chilli sauce.
The noodles will become extremely attractive with some mung bean sprouts, celery, chives, chopped cilantro added in a harmonious way on top of the bowl. Bet that you can not resist the charm of this delicious dish derived from this southwest land.
Hu Tieu Sa Dec - Sa Dec rice noodles
Slowly enjoy it

Sa Dec dry noodles

Beside the soup noodle, Sa Dec is also famous for dry or tossed noodles with its signature sauce. While soup noodle is served in a bowl, dry noodle is served in a plate. A plate of dry noodle is consisted of seasoned and sauté beef, grinded lean meat, sliced pork liver, black pudding, quail eggs.
Eaters can also choose to have Hu Tieu with other fresh herbs and veggies, sauces, chilies if they want to.
Hu Tieu Sa Dec - Sa Dec rice noodles
Savor the natural sweet of soup made from stewed pork bones will satisfy your appetite
This dish is often served with Asian basil, saw tooth herb, rice paddy herb, cilantro, thinly sliced green onion, bean sprouts and lime wedges that are added to the soup by the person who is dining.
Hu Tieu Sa Dec - Sa Dec rice noodles
A plate of appetisingly colorful tossed noodles

The sauce

Hu Tieu Sa Dec - Sa Dec rice noodles
Pagoda soy sauce
A few people know that to make the savory flavor of a tossed noodle, there is an indispensable spice called the “Pagoda soy sauce”. The reason why people call it like that because this sauce is made in a well-known pagoda which has lasted for almost a hundred year in Sa Dec city. That is Phuoc Hue Pagoda.
Hu Tieu Sa Dec - Sa Dec rice noodles
The soy sauce is being made in Phuoc Hue Pagoda, Sa Dec city
The process of making this type of soy sauce is extremely meticulous. All of the process are artisanal followed a hundreds of years traditional formula. The main ingredient is soy beans which are carefully boiled and then fermented for a week. After that, the soy beans will be rubbed off the skin and soaked in salt in a month. Then they are boiled down with pure, high-quality sugar to have a darken color of the sauce.
Adding this delicious soy sauce to make a perfect tossed noodle. It’s the moment to savour this tasty dish!
You can also add chopped peanuts, fried shallot or fried garlic if you like.
Hu Tieu Sa Dec - Sa Dec rice noodles

Urghhh, sounds so good! I want to taste it!

Here are some recommendations for you as an answer-list to “Where to eat?”

In Sa Dec

Nowadays, Hu Tieu is a popular and inexpensive dish in Sa Dec. You can find this dish almost everywhere in the district, but the most interesting restaurants usually locate on Tran Phu Street. One restaurant definitely worth your visit is “Hu Tieu of sister Dau” located in Group 1, Tran Hung Dao Street, Ward 1, Sa Dec City, Dong Thap Province.
Whether you eat soup or tossed noodles, popular or high-class one with the price range of 30,000 VND – 40,000 VND / dish (1.5-2 dollars) or the average price of Mrs. Sam (188 Tran Hung Dao, Ward 1, Sa Dec City) at only 6,000 – 20,000 VND / dish (3 cents – 1 dollar) you can still enjoy the unique flavor of Sa Dec rice noodles.
If you have the opportunity to visit this place, come and taste this specialty of Sa Dec.
Note: It’s about 145km from Ho Chi Minh City to Sa Dec City.

In Ho Chi Minh City

  • Aunt Nam Sa Dec Restaurant since 1988: 83D Bui Thi Xuan Street, District 1 (opening time: 7am-22pm)
  • 280 Bui Dinh Tuy, Ward 12, Binh Thanh District (opening time: 9am-21pm)
  • Sa Dec Quan: 154 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, District 3



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Post by: admin - Posted at: January 17, 2019

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