Mang Den – A secret land in the Central Highlands of Vietnam

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Mang Den has a wild, pure beauty with many beautiful, neglected landscapes and a rich cultural background of ethnic groups like a beauty sleeping in the forest and waiting for a prince coming to wake up. This is an unexploited destination in traveling industry, so it’s really cool for anyone that wanna explore a new land.

mang den pass -
Mang Den pass. ( Photo: Ban Nguyen )

Mang Den is in Kon Plong District, Kontum Province that located at an average altitude of 1000 – 1500m over sea level, with the average annual temperature ranged from 16-20°C. 

mang den -

Best time to visit Mang Den:

-In Jan, the weather is characterized by a cool and constant misty wind from the east. If you want to go in the cold season ( from Dec to Jan ) , don’t forget to bring a warm coat.
– From March to May, the weather is a bit more stable and the temperature is quite warm at mid-day. This is a forest flowers time begining to flourish., such as forest orchids or sim flowers (wild purple flowers)
– From Oct to Dec: The time of mountainside yellow rice fields in harvest season.

mang den -
Rice fields in Mang Den, Kontum

How to get there?

By airplane: There is no direct flight from Ha Noi and HCM City to Kon Tum. You have to travel to Pleiku (Gia Lai) airport, then take the bus for more than 50 kms to Kon Tum City.
By car: Various bus stations in Hà Nội, HCM City and Da Nang offer rental car service or you can buy coach ticket to Kon Tum City.
From Kon Tum city, you head to National Highway 24 about 50 kms east to the town of Mang Den.
Coming to Kon Tum city , hiring a motorbike is also a best choice for your trip.

Suziki Việt Nam Motorbike Club on ways to Mang Den -
Suziki Việt Nam Motorbike Club on Mang Den pass to Mang Den

Check-in Destinations in Mang Den:

Mang Den is a tourist attractions that popular with the system of seven lakes of Toong Ly Leng, Toong Ziu, Toong Zori, Toong Sang, Toong Po, Toong Dam, and three waterfalls of Dak Ke, Pa Sy and Dak Pne. Pa Sy Waterfall ( Mang Canh commune, Kon Plong district) is one of destinations you can not miss out.

Pa Sy Waterfall -
Pa Sy Waterfall ( Photo: Ban Nguyen )
The way to Mang Den -
Pine Forest in Mang Den, Kontum
Dakke Lake Mang Den -
Dakke Lake, Mang Den

Moreover,The Kon Klor communal house, Kon Tum museum, the Kontum Wood Church or The Kontum Bishop’s House, Dakke Lake and the Mang Den eco-tourism area are interesting, famous sites for tourists who visit Mang Den Province.

Kontum Wood Church
Kontum Wood Church
mang den kon tum
House of ethnic group

Absolutely, you will be impressed by the magical natural beauty of Central Highlands forests, landscapes.It will be an unforgettable trip for young backpackers to be attached to this secret land.

Mang Den -
Mang Den ( Photo: Ban Nguyen )

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Post by: Admin - Posted at: October 17, 2018

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