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SaoMys Flower Wedding Planner

SaoMys Flower is a Wedding Planner combining Vietnamese traditional art, culture, handicrafts with Western wedding concepts in Vietnam. Why don’t take your lover to a beautiful country to have a beautiful wedding!

So, your next question is what is the related thing between this site and our service. Do you love traveling ? If the answer is “yes”, that’s also our answer. And that was inspired us by the desire that organizing “ Western wedding concepts combining of Vietnamese traditional culture”. That not only makes customers feel very loving towards their wedding party, but also contributes to promote domestic travel and Vietnam’s images.

Have you ever gone sightseeing all of this S-shaped country? Have you ever been fascinated by the long coastline running through this land, by clear water with interminable mountains and forests or majestic caves hidden in deep forests or mysterious terraced fields ? Or even you was impressed by the depth of Vietnamese traditional culture? And you’ve been dreaming to say “We do” to your lover in this stunning place. Don’t worry, SaoMys Flower will make your dream come true.

Each province in Vietnam has at least one distinct elements of culture, tourism, cuisine … that tourists from far away coming to attend the wedding will want to explore. Trends in modern wedding style are no longer constrained and limited in certain spaces like restaurants, hotels or wedding centers,… the young couples can hold their wedding in “wherever they love” . An awesome wedding that combine of traditional custom and foreign culture, such as beach wedding, outdoor wedding, shipboard wedding, mountains, buildings, villas, resorts… have recently been selected by couples. - wedding planner

What is the difference between SaoMys Flower and other Wedding Planners in Vietnam?

+ You wanna have an unforgettable wedding ceremony in Vietnam, but finding a prestigious Wedding Planner unit specializing in organizing a wedding in “flexible spaces” is not easy and relatively limited. SaoMys Flower proud of to say “yes” about that problem. Saomys Wedding’s decorations base on party style and features of selected venue, it means we decorate based on special features of the venue without any negative impact on the original space after the party. You just choose your most favorable travel destination, from Northern to Southern in Vietnam, all of other things SaoMys Flower will satisfy you.

 saomys flower wedding planner

+  The strength of Saomys Wedding’s decoration style is COLORFUL that hardly ever can other Wedding Planners decorate. SaoMys  is not only your Wedding Planner but also be a “fiend” with you.  We are willing to to consult for you the best destination for wedding based on Brides and Bridegrooms’ hobbies or share with your romantic love stories together to make the unique ideas for your Wedding day.

colorful style saomys flower

+ The basic service of SaoMys Flower is a combination of Vietnamese wedding culture and foreign wedding customs: wedding party with welcome drinks, first dance, buffet, finger foot… and blending into culture and cuisine of  Vietnamese such as: Vietnamese cuisine, traditional handicrafts of the Vietnamese … that will be a highlight for your unique wedding. These are unique gifts for foreign guests, as a way to show beauty of Vietnam.

Saomys Flower wedding planner

Price quotation: 

+ The basic wedding service of SaoMys Flower is a combination of Vietnamese wedding culture and foreign wedding customs.

+  There are details of wedding decorating service package and supporting for party at SaoMys Flower,


  • Making up a concept of decoration  for whole wedding party areas (backdrop, reception, entrance, wedding stage, welcome drink or first dance area,..) with unique style : colorful, simplification, luxury, sophistication…
  • Planning wedding program ( wedding game, first dance,… )
  • Researching and combining Vietnamese handicrafts with wedding concepts. Brides and bridegrooms also present such handicrafts to guests as a meaningful gift.
  • Using fresh, undyed flowers 100%.
  • Setting up Welcome Drink including decorations, drink, food… when bride and bridegroom require
  • Providing DJ, MC by SaoMys Flower’s team.
  • Advising wedding destination, conducting a surveys of locations such as: beach, mountain, building, villas, resort..
  • Supporting for setting up parties such as welcome drinks, finger food, buffet…
  • Supporting coordination of wedding.

With the lowest price from $10,000 for a basic wedding decorating service package and holding a wedding party at SaoMys Flower with 100% fresh flowers. ( NOT INCLUDE FOOD AND DRINK )





To read more about Saomys Wedding Planner service as well as reference Saomys Flower’s real wedding images and videos : CLICK HERE 




SweetDay is not either Wedding Planner or Flower Shop. SweetDay is Wedding Florist that offers flower wedding decoration in available samples with optional color themes and attached reasonable prices below in website:

Sweetday basic services are provided based on Vietnamese traditional wedding parties:

  • Making a decoration for ancestral ceremonies,  engagement parties
  • Wedding parties (backdrops, gallery tables, floral entrances, wedding reception, wedding cake, stage…)

And we also have some sale promotional wedding pack to save your money.  And that is often suitable for Vietnamese wedding with high quality but reasonable prices.

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