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betel pann vietnam

An Age-old Vietnamese Custom – Betel and Areca Culture of Southern Regions

Have you ever known betel and areca are used to start talking and help people become closer and more open with each other in Vietnamese custom ? In the past, age-old people in Vietnam also liked to chew betel leaves and areca nuts but now this habit is not much popular. Nowadays, betel leaves and […]

Dak Lak Province – The Capital of Vietnamese Coffee

Vietnam is the world’s second-largest coffee producer, but also one of the most obscure. Buon Ma Thuot city in Dak Lak province is known as the capital of Vietnamese coffee. This central highlands city is famous for its excellent coffee and numerous cafes. Unlike coffee exports from countries such as Brazil and Ethiopia, Vietnamese beans […]

An Impression of the Cham Muslim Village’s Unique Culture in An Giang

Chau Doc District in An Giang Province is not only attracted by being the home to some of the largest ethnic Cham communities in Vietnam but also attracted by the unique cultural beauty of this land . This is an interesting country holiday destination for travelers who want to explore the rare culture and religion as […]

crossing the street vietnam

TIPS to survive crossing the crazy street in Vietnam

TIPS to survive crossing the crazy street in Vietnam!!! In Vietnam, every street crossing is an adventure. One of the first instances of culture shock foreigner will get in Vietnam is when you step out of the airport and into Vietnamese street. They will be shocked by the continuos motorbike flow. It is no accident […]

don ca tai tu mekong river delta website:

Enjoy “Don Ca Tai Tu” – A Spirit Music of Mekong River Delta’s Locals

Enjoy “Don Ca Tai Tu” – A Spirit Music of Mekong River Delta’s Locals UNESCO recognized officially Don Ca Tai Tu’s music from southern Vietnam as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity on 5 December 2013. This recognition opens a new development period for this folk art form of Vietnam. Don ca tai tu is the […]

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The Strong Beauty of Traditional Conical Hat Village in Binh Dinh

The strong beauty of traditional conical hat village in Binh Dinh, #Vietnam When reminding “conical hat”, most of people instantly think about the country with the image of Vietnamese graceful women with the white “Ao dai” and white conical hat on the street. However, Binh Dinh is known as the land of martial arts, its conical hat […]

phu binh lantern village

Visiting Handmade Lanterns Village exist Half Century in Saigon

Handmade Lanterns Village have existed For A Half Century in Saigon. Lantern makers from the Phu Binh Lantern Village in Ward 5, District 11, HCM city are busy with orders making traditional cellophane lanterns to celebrate the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival. Although there are not households making traditional handmade lanterns as many as before, we are […]

mid autumn vietnam

Experience Vietnamese culture and enjoy the light lanterns at the Mid-Autumn Festival

Experience Vietnamese culture and enjoy the light lanterns at the Mid-Autumn Festival Vietnam is the country with hundreds of unique festivals each year. Besides the Tet Holiday, the Mid-Autumn festival is one of the most famous festivals and it is a traditional celebration for Vietnamese children. With Vietnamese, those were the days reminding of their […]

comlam highlanders

“Com Lam” – The Combination of Nature and Human

“Com Lam”, Vietnamese Sticky rice in the Bamboo tube – The Combination of Nature and Human “Com Lam” – Vietnamese Sticky rice in Bamboo tube is a Vietnamese rice dish found by ethnic minorities in the Northwest Mountainous Area and Central Highlands. It may sound strange, but rice is simply it is like rice is […]

"Đàn đá" (lithophone) - a musical instrument of the Central Highland

Dan Da ( Lithophone )- The Sound from High Mountains and Thick Forest of the Central Highlands

Lithophone performance in Doi Mong Mo, Dalat city, Lam Dong province. Video Cr: Ngọc Viên Nguyễn Đàn Đá (Lithophone)- the sound from high mountains and thick forest of the Central Highlands Referring to the ancient instrument of history in our country, we can not fail to mention the “Đàn đá” (lithophone) of the Central Highlands. This […]

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