Trekking Bu Gia Map National Park – Youth And Nature Journey

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Bu Gia Map National Park is a national park located in Binh Phuoc province, Vietnam. (South-eastern region). Don’t waste your youth anymore, why don’t pick up your backpack and go!
Trekking Bu Gia Map National Park -
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According to survey results, the total area of 26,032 ha, in which the natural area is 21,476 ha, including 388 hectares of rich forest, 2,798 hectares on average forest, 1692 ha of poor forest, 5,064 ha and 11,434 ha of mixed forest of bamboo forest. This place is the conservation of rare and precious species of fauna and flora rich including 724 plant species,.278 medicinal-valued kinds and various species of mammals and birds. This is also the habitat of species of wildlife, including 59 species recorded in Vietnam Red Book.
Trekking Bu Gia Map National Park -
In Bu Gia Map National Park, there are beautiful places such as: Hoa Mai lake, orchid garden, animal rescue area. Dak Mai waterfall, Luu Ly waterfall …; bat cave, deer cave, resistance relics area ….The national park is fed by numerous river systems, including the Dak Huyet and Dak Sam rivers flows along the border of Vietnam – Cambodia division, Sa Dak, Dak Song Rivers and Dak-Me stream
Trekking Bu Gia Map National Park -
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  • Stream bath
  • Trekking
  • Discover the culture of Stieng People
  • To see animal

How to get there:

Trekking Bu Gia Map National Park -
Bù Gia Mập National Park is about 240km away from Ho Chi Minh City.
– It’s not easy to get there by motorbike (special with foreiner) : If you go by motorbike, notice fuel for a long run It will be ideal if you go early, the weather is nicer for a long way. – – The easiest way to get there: you take a bus to Bu Gia Map commune at Mien Dong bus station

Before The Journey

Trekking Bu Gia Map National Park -
You have to contact the managers of Bu Gia Map National Park
Tel: 06513724235 or (+84) 989 218 912 (Mr. Tháp). The managers will assign a tour guide to lead your group to the camping destination (without the tour guide, the rangers and border guards won’t allow you to access the jungle).
Trekking Bu Gia Map National Park -
Transport in the forest: motorbikes or walking. But the popular mean to move into the forest is the motorbike. If you take a bus to the park, you can contact the Bu Gia Map national park Management Board to rent a car before.

How much does the journey cost?

Trekking Bu Gia Map National Park -
  • Entrance ticket price: 70.000VND / a person
  • Renting hammock: 25.000
  • Tour guide at Bu Gia Map national park: 300.000VND /a day for a group of ten peple. He will help you to bring a pot, the tour guide may cook for you a special soup made by plants in the jungle.
  • Forest maintenance fee : 30.000 VND/ a person
Trekking Bu Gia Map National Park -
Currently there are 7 routes have been visited in Bu Gia Map NP, each route takes 2 days, it’s up to you. If you go a few days, you can follow two main trekking routes:
+ Driving motorbike along Highway 14C through the forest, trekking Dak Ca stream, Luu Ly waterfall: 2 days 1 night
+ Driving motorbike along the border of Trekking Border Trail, trekking Gieng Troi, Dak Bo Waterfall. (This is considered a scenic spot of Bu Gia Map National Park.): 3 days 2 nights.
The managers at Bu Gia Map will inform to you all the routes.
Trekking Bu Gia Map National Park -

Best time for trekking

Trekking Bu Gia Map National Park -
Photo: 9Stays
+ The rainy season (from June to August): Be careful in the bad weather, rain forest, the road is difficult for trekking. However,there are blooming flowers and you can enjoy majestic waterfalls
+ Dry season (from November to April next year) is the best time for trekking: it’s the time that th forest trees change leaves, beautiful weather but less flowers, waterfall is not much water. There are wildflowers in November, so pretty!!
Note: From April to August every year is the season of forest fruit ripening in the National Park Bu Gia Map.


Trekking Bu Gia Map National Park -
Photo: Bảy Phúc
  • Carrying a medical box (available at the NP)
  • Preparing mosquito and insect repellent.
  • Backpack: waterproof, lightweight. The camera must be carefully wrapped because it maybe falls into the stream.
  • Do not take photos near the forest border guard station if you have no permission of them.
  • No ATM in the forest, please prepare the cash before
  • Prepare your foods, the tour guide and his assistant will prepare your dinner if you registered.
  • Energy drink for trekking, alongside water you can order from the tour guide.
  • Tent if you don’t want to hire from the jungle managers
  • Cooking tools: a pot, chopsticks, folks if you don’t want to use your hands picking foods.
  • Phone signal almost everywhere in the forest
  • And remember do not littering
  • And everybody should prepare needed trekking equipment for a long distance trail for an emergency by yourself !!!!!
Trekking Bu Gia Map National Park -
Photo: 9Stays
Night at the jungle comes very soon.So, you should prepare your dinner early, you can’t see anything but the fire camp. Camping overnight in the jungle, lying beside the fire camp and looking at the sky filled with a lot of stars while listening to the song of the stream, and then enjoy the fresh air in the morning in the next day. How exciting it is !!!!
Trekking Bu Gia Map National Park -
Photo: 9Stays
Trekking to enjoy the fresh air and get your experience, the simple but very hard thing that can’t be found in the city, is everywhere.

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Post by: Admin - Posted at: November 15, 2018

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